3 Beautiful UI design concepts for most needs

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Smartphones have become much more important for us than just phones. According to Statista, now about 35% of people all over the world use smartphones, and most users have on average 80 apps installed on their mobile devices. They are used for multiple purposes and often become our everyday assistants in our life. We have collected a set of user interfaces for various daily needs.

Fancy Fashion E-commerce App

Onboarding UI screens

Onboarding UI screens

Fancy Fashion E-commerce App presents a simple modern look and feel for fashion store. The user interface is designed in accordance with app functionality: it is based on the clean color palette to transfer the atmosphere of simplicity and features corresponding photography. The choice of UI elements is based on high readability and clear graphic hierarchy so that users could scan the screen in short seconds.

Lookbook design

Lookbook design

The simple and clear system of UI elements allows the user to choose the most comforting products to perfect the experience of shopping.

View the full design — Fancy Fashion E-commerce App

Good Food Recipes App

Good Food Recipes App
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Good Food Recipes App is a mobile application for cooking, finding recipes and effective organization of food shopping. Also, the application has a supplies manager. To make UX more extended, it allowed users to view the recipes by watching recipe videos at home or reading a detail list of step by step cooking direction.

View the full design — Good Food Recipes App

Super Woman Fitness App

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Here’s a concept of an app for sport, health, and fitness. Super Woman Fitness App helps people find personal trainers in various gyms and watch fitness course video online without being a member of a particular gym. Users can browse for nearest available trainers, fitness types, levels, or a list sorted by popular and most watched times. UI design is based on white background and two contrasting colors — black and pink — for layout details and accents. The designer also created a custom set of vector icons. Simple and aesthetic, they help users get quickly oriented in the navigation system of the app.


Also, the video player was created for online fitness course to make the process engaging and clear.

View the full design — Super Woman Fitness App

So, it’s easy to see how many everyday issues may be solved much easier with properly thought-out apps. Moreover, with a help of design, we may do it in style.