Start your UI design without color

Bravo Web UI Kit

Always focus on layout and spacing

When you start designing your product, remember to keep the B&W color palette constraint in mind, most of your time goes into thinking out how to position things right to be able to seem like things are grouped together. You start thinking about the invisible yet more important aspects such as line height, paragraphs, typography, elements and spacing.

Your clients always ask questions

At the early stages of your design process, most designers are afraid to show incomplete work to their clients/users to gather early feedback. Actually, this can helps you to stay away from the trap of too many iterations with too much time wasted on amend versions. Most clients don’t know what exactly they want and can not exactly give you constructive feedback. Showing them an early version will get them to understand the process and ask you questions that are more constructive.

Bravo Web UI Kit

Create your designs even clear

Creating a simple and clean design is always not an easy task. When you create your designs in grayscale, all your focus is on usability, spacing, sizes, laying out elements, interactions, and user flows. The initial version of your design should only use different shades of black and white to show hierarchy and visual graphics between elements.

Homepage design from Keus Backpack

Homepage design from Keus Backpack

Create a consistency design

We would highly recommend to use three or lesser colors in your design. Having too many colors in your designs may confuse the user or bring the attention of the user to less important things. When you have a full brand color palette and use it selectively on a design that’s complete in black and white, the eyes of the user naturally get dragged into these “color” things.

UI Design from  Homecraft App UI Kit

UI Design from Homecraft App UI Kit

Well, the next time you start designing your UI, try to forget about the color palette for a while until you have the complete design ready in grayscale.